Upcoming Hits & Misses for 2014

Many times finding a job is not about your resume, the interview or experience – it is about being informed. The past few years we have seen many great companies expand, while some other such as Blockbuster Video and Borders have gone out of business. Be ahead of the job search game by knowing who is growing and who is not, tailor you job search for better opportunities. When potential job candidates can talk about company plans, they seem more interested making them a better fit.

And just because a company is contracting does not mean to employees should run out to look for another job, in fact many times an employee who offers assistance to management in transitional phases will get promoted for being a team player.

About.com has recently published a list of retail chains that are opening stores and closing stores during this calendar year.  The links to these articles are listed below.

Store Opening (Sample)
Family Dollar
Dollar Tree

Store Closings (Sample)
JC Penny
Barnes and Noble
Edwin Watt’s Golf

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