Help Maximize your Company’s Operational Performance

Are you a area manager for a retail chain? Have you or a fellow co-worker asked: How do we improve or why are we not reaching our potential? The gaps usually occur because of who you hire and how you prepare them to face your Customers.

During the moderated panel discussion, the following topics will be covered:

  • Saving money through better hiring
  • The secret to a good hire – it is not as easy as you think
  • Closing the gap between hiring manager expectations and new hire performance
  • Improving your hiring cycle and training processes
  • Training your good hires for long-term success

When: April 16th, 3 – 4 pm ET

In order to register, please click on the link below.


Congratulations…From Poor Service to No Service

The Need
The other day while I was at home, I realized that I needed to replace the filter for my central air system. To save time, I decided to stop by a big box home center that was in my area. I went inside and I realized that although it was a familiar chain, the store seemed to be arranged differently than the others. Perhaps this store had been taken over from a former chain; I wasn’t sure, but the layout was not at all what I was used to.

Lack of Consistency
This presented a problem because I didn’t know where the central air filters were located. As I walked through the store, I didn’t see many associates and when I did, the associate was heading in the opposite direction. I continued to walk through the store searching for central air filters, until I finally came across the aisle. I’ve bought many filters in the past, so I knew exactly what type I was looking for.

No One Paid Attention To The Customer
I picked up the central air filter and proceeded to the checkout area.
Once again, I was walking toward the front of the store, and I was amazed that during all of this time, I still hadn’t encountered one store associate to assist me or even to greet me with a friendly “hello” or smile. On the flip side, the store was busy, so I guess in this retailer’s mind that’s all that mattered. Continue reading “Congratulations…From Poor Service to No Service”