New Book Now Out to Help Retail Workers

Art Suriano, CEO of the TSi Company, has just completed publication of his book. We are pleased that Headway’s partner has been able to take his many years of experience working with retailers into a guide for good customer service.

Below is an excerpt from the book, The Ultimate Customer Experience.

It is Saturday morning. John has been thinking about a particular item all week and is looking forward to finally purchasing it. He gets up, showers, gets dressed, has a light breakfast, and heads to the mall. It must be his day, thinking to himself as he quickly finds a place to park. John walks into the store and heads over to where the item should be. Unfortunately, he cannot find it.

Hmm…looking around for help, he thinks to himself, “Surely there must be someone working here who can help me.”

But as John continues to look around, searching for any associate…he doesn’t see a soul. His first impulse is to shout out…

“Is anybody here?”

If you are interested in purchasing Art’s book, visit Authorhouse | Amazon | Barnes & Noble