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    First off, I want to welcome everyone to the new and revamped Retail Life. We switched from the Ning based community to a BuddyPress community for greater control and customization. We at The Retail Life want to think that this new platform is more welcoming and open to meet your needs.

    We want to encourage forum and group participation. This community is here for you in whatever way you need (except to spam ads). We were seeing an increase of spam ads through the Ning platform, and we want to prohibit such a thing from happening. This community is about furthering your career in retail or helping you find a job in retail. We want to foster a sense of togetherness, no matter if you work in a Distribution Center for Macy’s in New York or are a Sales Associate with Rue 21 in California, The Retail Life wants to bridge that gap.

    Again, welcome to you all and thank you for joining.

    This group and it’s forum is here for you, so if you have a question, please post a topic and we’ll try to post a response within a few days.

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