Share Your Voice

We want to promote fellowship and community with our newly revamped website, and to do that we’re giving away $10 Amazon or iTunes gift cards to members who participate in the Share Your Voice program and meet the criteria below.

  1. Complete your profile. To do this, click on the avatar/username at the top right of your screen after you’ve registered. From the Profile item, a fly-out menu will appear, select Edit. Do NOT choose the Edit Your Profile item, which is located above Log Out. From the page that loads, there are two groups of data. Personal Data and Retail Experience. Some fields are marked for Admin and Your Eyes only. Others are public. Be sure to fill them out, and to upload and change the pre-loaded avatar with a picture of yourself.
  2. Create an Interest Group. Feel strongly about a certain aspect of your job or location you work in? Create a group and invite other members to join. Have friends who aren’t members yet to The Retail Life? Spread the word.
  3. 3×3 Forum Discussions. What this means is you start 3 discussions a week over a 3 week period. If you have a question that’s been sitting at the back of your mind that relates to your career or the retail world, then ask it.
  4. Submit a Blog Article. Blogging rights should be earned. If you feel like you have an article that you think would help out others in the retail industry, share it and we’ll post it and credit it to you. It can’t be product placement. To submit an article, email
  5. Be a U.S. or Canadian Citizen. This is non-negotiable.

If you feel this is just too much of a challenge and don't have the time to invest in this program, there will be others to come along. Come back and visit often to see what new programs we come up with.