Part 3 of our webinar Maximize Your Operational Performance

Listen to Bob Swan, a retail executive with over 20 years of experience, talk about why good is not good enough when hiring talent for your company. He will explain his philosophy that great people create a great experience for the customer, which is what makes them a loyal customer. Furthermore, he delivers advice for the prospective employee on what companies look for today.

Part 1 of our webinar Maximize your Operational Performance

In Part one, the CEO of Headway Workforce Solutions discusses the impact of a good hire versus a bad hire. It is more than just losing someone or the time a company spends, but the cost of that hire to your bottom line and the importance in shifting our current thought processes to see employees as assets. Click here to see how a prospective employee can prove they are worth the training and how companies can view their hires for long-term success.